5 Reasons Why Thousands Of People Are Making Boba At Home

5 Stars | 20,000+ bubble teas made at home

"Delicious! The bubble tea was flavorful, and the boba pearls were a perfect consistency. I definitely recommend this product!!" - Ella

12/10/22 | Written by Emily Brown

1. Cheaper than buying boba out

Prices for EVERYTHING have been skyrocketing, and bubble tea is no exception. Fortunately, it's MUCH cheaper to make boba at home, than buy it at the shop.

How much cheaper?

Up to 60% less per drink! That's right - you can enjoy your favorite drink for as low as $3.

2. Takes just 3 minutes to make

Gone are the days of leaving your house, driving to the boba shop, waiting in line, waiting for your drink... you get the point.

Now you can have your afternoon boba in as little as 3 minutes! Just boil some water, microwave the tapioca, and your boba's ready!

3. It tastes delicious

Pearly has created a boba kit that comes with the exact same ingredients that boba shops use. This means that you will be making boba-shop-quality drinks, without the price tag.
Pearly's ingredients are sourced from the same factories as all boba shops across the United States. 

4. 5 popular flavors of bubble tea

Pearly has 5 tasty flavors available, all of which have been tried and tested by thousands of boba lovers. From the original milk tea to the taro, you can have an entire boba shop in your pantry!

5. 5000+ happy customers!

"So happy I tried! Refreshing and super easy to make. Definitely worth every penny. :)" - Rachel

"Great tasting teas! The cup is great and we really enjoyed the flavor of the teas. The boba is chewy with the right amount of sweetness. Will purchase again!" - Miranda

Make Bubble Tea At Home Now!

And save as much as 50% on each drink

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