Big Boba's Big Secret

The boba industry does NOT want you to know about this... 🤔

The secret: boba is actually EASY to make!

There... I said it! 

 Boba (or bubble tea) is simple. 

 It takes just 3 ingredients: 

 1. Tea 

 2. Ice

 3. Pearls

 That's it!

So... why don't the big boba shops want you to know this?

Because - they won't be able to charge you $6, $7, and $8 per drink anymore!

That's right - once you learn how to make boba at home...

you can have a drink for as cheap as $3, including tapioca!

(Try it here)

What's the best way to make it at home?

That's where we can help! 

We're Pearly - a small business, making boba accessible to EVERYONE.

We use the exact same ingredients as big boba shops, BUT...

Our drinks are as much as 50% cheaper than buying at the store.

What do people think about our boba?

THOUSANDS of people are now making bubble tea at home, thanks to Pearly.

They ALL say the same thing: 

it's quicker, 


and tastes as good (if not BETTER) than boba from the shop!

Find out for yourself: try boba kits

What 1000s of boba lovers think:

4.9 Stars | 20,000+ bubble teas made at home

Easy to make, and tastes great!


Verified Buyer

Blown away!! The flavors are all amazing! The quality of the tea and boba are honestly better than the shop I used to purchase from. 100/10 will buy from again!


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Gift recipient said that I knocked this gift out of the ballpark. Bought this for my granddaughter for her birthday and it was a hit. The tapioca pearls were tasty and texture spot on.


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