Make Taro Bubble Tea In 3 Minutes

We created the world's best at-home bubble tea. Tasty, quick, and cheaper than your local shop!

500+ reviews

How to make boba in under 3 minutes:

1. Pour hot water over tea mix
2. Add ice
3. Microwave tapioca

It's that easy!

Why Try Pearly?

It's cheaper, quick to make, and delicious:

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Taro Bubble Tea Kit

6 drinks with tapioca

Taro Bubble Tea Kit - 6 Drinks

500+ reviews

• Comes with 6 drinks (6 taro packets and 6 instant tapioca packets)

• Easy instructions included inside

• 100% satisfaction guarantee (pinky promise 🤙)


Want to try even more boba flavors? Try the best-selling bundle:

The Big Boba Bundle

30 drinks with tapioca, and accessories

The Big Boba Bundle - 30 drinks!

500+ reviews

What's included:

• 6 original milk teas with tapioca

• 6 taro milk teas with tapioca

• 6 passionfruit teas with tapioca

• 6 matcha milk teas with tapioca

• 6 thai milk teas with tapioca

• 1 reusable cup and straw combo

• 2 extra-long spoons

• 2 ice cube trays

• 100% boba satisfaction guarantee!



only $3.33 per drink

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What is Pearly?

We've created the world's tastiest at-home bubble tea. It shouldn't be hard to make delicious boba at home, and we make it easy!