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Better than the boba shop

These drinks are better than what I buy at a boba shop... Can't believe it!

- Stephanie V.

Taro Tea Goodness!

The bubble tea from Pearly was delicious, especially the Taro Tea, which is one of my favorite flavors!

- Gina N.

Quick, easy and tasty 😋

Quick and easy steps. My daughters are able to make this amazing drink on their own. They love the flavor of the Taro and the brown sugar pearls…yummy!!

- Jennifer L.

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Is it actually cheaper than buying in store?

Yes! At-home boba is as much as 50% cheaper!

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Is it easy to make?

Yes! It takes just 3 minutes, and comes with all ingredients 🧋

1. Combine hot water and tea mix
2. Add ice
3. Microwave tapioca

It's that easy!

Make boba at home with a DIY kit:


Big Boba Bundle

30 drinks

Just $3.00 per drink (excl. cup, spoons)

6x original milk teas with pearls

6x taro milk teas with pearls

6x matcha milk teas with pearls

6x thai milk teas with pearls

6x passionfruit milk teas with pearls

1x cup, lid and straw

2x ice cube trays

2x long boba spoons

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1000s of happy customers

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