Best Boba Tea in Mesa, Arizona

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Apr 18, 2022

Best Boba Tea in Mesa, Arizona

The selection of boba tea shops in Mesa is small but mighty. Whether it's their unique drinks, vibrant interior, or delicious add-on menu items, each shop on this list has its own unique twist that makes it special. We hope you enjoy our guide to the best boba tea in Mesa!

Crafti Tea & Mocktail Mesa, Arizona

1. Crafti Tea & Mocktail

28 S Dobson Rd Ste 103

Not your typical boba shop. At Crafti, it's all about quality over quantity. They carry a short menu of unique drinks you won't find anywhere else.

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Miss Dessert Mesa, Arizona

2. Miss Dessert

1832 W Broadway Rd #105

If you're looking for desserts for the family, go to Miss Desserts. All of their menu items (including their fruit boba) are made with high-quality fresh fruit 😍

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Tea Snow Boba & Coffee Mesa, Arizona

3. Tea Snow Boba & Coffee

66 S Dobson Rd #150

Are you the type of person who loves having several toppings and a crazy-looking drink? This is your boba spot!

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Pearly DIY Boba Kit

Honorable Mention: Pearly

Delicious | Ready in 3 Minutes | Affordable

Let's face it. When the boba cravings hit you don't always have time to go to your local boba spot. On top of that, DoorDash and UberEats prices are getting out of hand. Well, do I have something magical for you: Pearly.

Imagine you could make boba tea at home in under 3 minutes. It would taste just as good as your favorite shop, and cost you less money. Introducing Pearly.

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Tea Fresho Mesa, Arizona

4. Tea Fresho

2473 S Higley Rd

Tea Fresho has a long specialty menu with a lot of creative drinks. We suggest trying the Cream Brulee Matcha!

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The Street Mesa, Arizona

5. The Street

1116 S Dobson Rd Ste 109

If you know you know. The interior at the Street is
 crazy! If you want a different boba experience, try ordering the Diamond Ice (a.k.a Paht-Bing-Su).

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Boba Tree Mesa, Arizona

6. Boba Tree

1139 S Dobson Rd

Boba Tree has the cutest cups in Mesa. We love the vibe of their shop and appreciate their commitment to including greenery in their decor (especially the cacti).

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Cha Tea Mesa, Arizona

7. Cha Tea

1911 W Main St

Waffles and boba? Yes, please. Cha Tea features a unique menu of boba teas and several delicious Waffle and Snowflake options.

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Zero Degrees Mesa, Arizona

8. Zero Degrees

1649 S Stapley Dr

An incredible selection of boba, slushies, and shakes. Don't forget to try the Carne Asada.

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E.T. Tea Mesa, Arizona

9. E.T. Tea

90 N Dobson Rd

A boba shop with drinks that are out of this world. Pop in for a refreshing cup of boba paired up with their signature popcorn chicken.

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Roll Avenue Mesa, Arizona

10. Roll Avenue

66 S Dobson Rd #145

Chop Chop, Fold Fold. While their boba options are very limited, Roll has a fun interior, friendly staff, and a great selection of rolled ice cream and bubble waffles.

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