Original Milk Tea Kit
Original Milk Tea Kit
Original Milk Tea - how to make it at home
Bubble Tea Cup in Hand
Original milk tea packets
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Original Milk Tea Kit

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DIY bubble tea kit comes with:
  • 6 original milk tea packets
  • 6 instant tapioca packets
  • Easy instructions
  • Note: the boba cup and straw are not included - add it here!
Why try Pearly DIY bubble tea kits?
  • More affordable than store-bought or delivery bubble tea
  • Just as tasty as store-bought bubble tea, using the same ingredients
  • Super-quick and easy to make (follow the instructions, and have a bubble tea in less than 3 minutes!)

How Our Kits Work

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Mix the powder with boiled water


Microwave tapioca for 30 seconds


Enjoy your fresh bubble tea!

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What boba fanatics are saying

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I'm never leaving my house again. These are so easy to make and taste delicious. Need more flavors asap.

Rachel P.

Super convenient


I find these kits to be great for when I don’t want to leave the house, but NEED to have a bubble tea

Jessica R.



I’m the world’s biggest bubble tea fan, and Pearly rivals my fave shop. The tapioca is perfectly chewy

Becca J.