Best Boba Tea in Olathe, Kansas

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Jun 08, 2022

Best Boba Tea in Olathe, Kansas

Olathe has plenty of boba tea shops, each with their own unique vibe and menu full of delicious options. To help you explore the scene, we've compiled a list of the best boba shops in the city. We ranked them by their flavors, toppings, decor and more! Enjoy 🙂

1. Ari Delights

11030 Quivira Rd

A relaxing, modern design combined with delicious boba. Their nature wall alone makes the trip to their shop worth the visit. There's also no shortage of amazing drink options on their menu. Try the Hokkaido Milk Tea, it's got Sea Salt Cheese Foam on top!

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Chatime Overland Park Olathe, Kansas

2. Chatime Overland Park

10150-A W 119th St

There's a reason why Chatime has locations in 38 different countries! They cook their pearls in-house and are always on the lookout for new flavor ideas. Try their super popular Grass Jelly Roasted Milk Tea for a taste of Chatime's best.

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Fat Bee Drinks Olathe, Kansas

3. Fat Bee Drinks

6936 W 135th St

With a vibrant design and an adorable bee as their mascot, you'll fall in love with this cute boba shop! Try their Triple Bee Milk Tea and experience 3 different toppings: Honey Boba, Flan, and Grass Jelly!

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Ding Tea Oak Park Olathe, Kansas

4. Ding Tea Oak Park

12236 W 95th St Unit A

This local favorite has great prices and adorable artwork. Make sure to get here early to snag some of their hanging chairs, they're perfect for enjoying boba while relaxingly swinging.

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Kung Fu Tea Overland Park Olathe, Kansas

5. Kung Fu Tea Overland Park

7504 W 119th St

This well-known chain brings its iconic boba to Olathe. The tapioca here is the perfect balance of softness and chewiness, and their rewards app offers plenty of discounts so make sure to download it.

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Freezing Moo Olathe, Kansas

6. Freezing Moo

201140 W 153rd St

Got a sweet tooth? Freezing Moo has the best rolled ice cream in Olathe! Plus, each ice cream allows you to put 3 toppings on top of it for no extra charge. Pair their ice cream (we recommend the Monkey Business) with a milk tea bubble tea to satisfy your sugar craving!

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Café Vie Olathe, Kansas

7. Café Vie

10330 Metcalf Ave

As delicious as boba is, it's not a meal. Head on over to Café Vie to pair your drink with your pick of Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai dishes!

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Blue Koi Olathe, Kansas

8. Blue Koi

10581 Mission Rd

This upscale restaurant offers lots of bubble tea to pair with their noodles and dumplings. Perfect for a boba date night!

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BohBuh KC Olathe, Kansas

9. BohBuh KC

Oak Park Mall

Located in the Oak Park Mall food court, Boh Buh's location gives you the freedom of pairing boba with whatever food you want!

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Bingbox Olathe, Kansas

10. Bingbox

4937 W 119th St

With a slogan like 'Bring Back the Smile', you know Bingbox will improve your day. Their signature Korean Snow Creams are infused with popular boba flavors and have unique ice cream toppings like Fruit Loops and Waffles. Come here if you're in need of a smile or some dessert to cheer you up 🤗

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