Best Boba Tea in Sunnyvale, California

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Jun 10, 2022

Best Boba Tea in Sunnyvale, California

From boba gaming cafes to authentic Taiwanese street food and even futuristic tea shops, Sunnyvale's boba scene is one of the best in the state! That's why we've compiled a list of the best boba shops, ranking them by their teas, toppings, design, prices, and more. Enjoy!

Happy Lemon Lemon Sunnyvale, California

1. Happy Lemon

520 Lawrence Expy #301

Are you ready for a cuteness overload? When you enter Happy Lemon, everything from the brightly-colored walls to the lemon-shaped plushies and statues make you feel like you're in an adorable lemon-themed ride at Disneyland! The lemon theme doesn't stop there, though. In addition to their Salted Cheese teas and milk teas, you can choose between Blended and Squeezed Lemon Teas.

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Tastea Sunnyvale Sunnyvale, California

2. Tastea Sunnyvale

114 E El Camino Real

For all theĀ lactose-intolerant people reading, Tastea is for you. They make all their drinks with non-dairy creamer šŸ˜Ž. Try the Horchata Milk Tea, it's to die for. Seriously, whoever came up with the recipe needs a promotion.

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Sunright Tea Studio Sunnyvale, California

3. Sunright Tea Studio

795 E El Camino Real

Watch out Disneyland, you've got some competition. Sunright Tea Studio's bright colors, super-friendly staff, and positive atmosphere make it the happiest place on earth for tea lovers.

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Boba Drive Sunnyvale, California

4. Boba Drive

677 Tasman Dr

Entering Boba Drive is like entering a nice spa. With their calming, plant-filled design, you're able to sip on some boba, relax and let your problems fade away.Ā They also sell beautiful cute plantsĀ that you can bring home šŸŒ±

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Calibear Cyber CafƩ Sunnyvale, California

5. Calibear Cyber CafƩ

1336 S Mary Ave

Tired of having to choose between going to get boba and gaming with friends? Lucky for you, Calibear Cyber CafƩ is here to fix that. Meet up with your friends, rent a PC, and enjoy some boba while you game! They also have a wide selection of food ranging from nuggets to curry to dumplings. Everything you could possibly need to game without worry.

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Gong Cha Sunnyvale, California

6. Gong Cha

1641 Hollenback Ave

Gong Cha'sĀ Asian heritage (they were founded in Taiwan and Gong Cha actually means Royal Tea) is shown in their creatively designed drinks. Try the Panda, which has both tapioca pearls and crunchy white pearls to represent the panda's colors.

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BAMBU Desserts & Drinks Sunnyvale, California

7. BAMBU Desserts & Drinks

189 W Washington Ave

This shop is quirky with a capital Q! From theĀ Vietnamese banners and decorations hanging from the ceiling to the green-colored waffles and animal-shaped macarons with googly eyes, this shop is notĀ afraid to show off its personality, and we are here for it.

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Chick & Tea Sunnyvale, California

8. Chick & Tea

587 E El Camino Real

Delicious and authentic Taiwanese soul food. FromĀ street-friedĀ favorites like basil popcorn chicken and golden taro balls to grilled soul food like short rib and corn, Chick & Tea is the perfect place to get a glimpse into the iconic Taiwanese street food markets.

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Fantasia Coffe & Tea Sunnyvale, California

9. Fantasia Coffe & Tea

10933 N Wolfe Rd

As you walk through the door at Fantasia, you are transportedĀ into another dimension. Here, tea is drunk out of cups that look likeĀ upside-down lightbulbs and there is an ominous purpleĀ fluorescent hue all over. There must be a lot of red bean lovers in this new world because there's the option to pair red bean boba with red bean mochi for the ultimate red bean experience.

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Sharetea Sunnyvale, California

10. Sharetea

568 El Camino Real Suite A

How did Sharetea become one of the most successful boba chains in California with dozens of stores across the state? By having great prices and providing something for everyone. Whether you love fruit teas, milk teas, or just plain old coffee, they've got something for you. Oh, and did we mention they even have a non-alcoholic mojito!?

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Tea Link Sunnyvale, California

11. Tea Link

415 N Mary Ave #108

Whether you like your boba to be sweet, salty, or savory, Tea Link has got you covered! With over 35 selections of milk and sea salt teas, every boba drinker is bound to find something that they like. Plus, each one of those drinks is $4 or less (medium size)!

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Pekoe Sunnyvale, California

12. Pekoe

939 W El Camino Real Suite 117

This futuristic boba shop is best visited at night because of itsĀ glow-in-the-dark seating and lounge aesthetic. They've also serve creatively named drinks like the Mario & Lui-ychee, the PomStar, and the I'm In Luv With The CoCo šŸ˜‚

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