9 Creative Bubble Tea Drinks You Haven't Tried Yet

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Apr 17, 2022

9 Creative Bubble Tea Drinks You Haven't Tried Yet

If you're a bubble tea lover, you've probably tried all of the most popular drinks like original milk tea, taro milk tea, jasmine milk tea, and others. But sometimes, you're in the mood for something a little more adventurous... Here's a list of 9 creative bubble tea drinks you probably haven't tried yet!


1. Mango Pomelo Sago with Tea Jelly

Where to buy: TP Tea (Canada, USA, Taiwan, etc.)

This bubble tea is flat out delicious! It's based on a popular Cantonese dessert - just in boba form. The shop uses real mangoes and pomelo for the drink.

Mango Pomelo Sago - TP Tea

2. Creme Brulee Bubble Tea

Where to buy: Mooboo (UK)

If you've had creme brulee before, you know that the magic of the dish is in torching the top layer of custard. This shop does just that, adding some heat to the top layer of your ice-cold bubble tea. What a twist!

Creme Brulee Mooboo

3. Strawberry Matcha Royale

Where to buy: Teaspoon Life (USA)

This drink combines matcha tea at the top, with silky strawberry marmalade at the bottom. You may have tried these two bobas separately - combine them for a brand new flavor!

Strawberry Matcha Royal Teaspoon Life

4. Flamingo

Where to buy: Teaspoon Tea

Let me stop you right there (I know what you're thinking) - this drink DOES NOT come with flamingos! Instead, it combines two of our favorite flavors: passionfruit and watermelon for a super-refreshing drink. It's also super pretty, if you want to treat your eyes too... 🤤

Flamingo - Teaspoon Tea

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5. Passionfruit Butterfly

Where to buy: Rapha Tea (USA, Vietnam)

Maybe the cutest drink on the list - this tea has an ombre effect, from the color of the passionfruit, to the color of the sweet pea tea. This type of boba is also often called a butterfly-pea tea. 

Rapha Tea - Passion Fruit Butterfly

6. Strawberry Rice Milk

Where to buy: Boba Guys (USA)

We're suckers for a tasty strawberry puree. Add a some rice milk, and you have yourself a delicious decaffeinated boba.

Strawberry Rice Milk Boba Guys

7. Dirty Banana Milk

Where to buy: Boba Guys (USA)

For the coffee lover - this drink comes with a shot of espresso, and creamy housemade banana jam. 

Dirty Banana Milk Boba Guys

8. Taro Purple Rice Yogurt

Where to buy: Cowcow (USA)

Combine taro, yogurt, and actual rice into a drink, and you have this delicacy! This has to be one of the most creative toppings available for a bubble tea drink.

Cowcow Taro Purple Rice Yogurt

9. Cheesy Fruit Smoothie

Where to buy: Cowcow (USA)

Combine your favorite fruit, with a thick layer of bubble tea cheesy foam for an indulgent and rich snack. 

Cheeso Foam Cowcow Tea


There you have it - the 9 most creative bubble tea drinks available worldwide! 

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