What is taro bubble tea

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Nov 16, 2022

What is taro bubble tea

Recap: Taro bubble tea comes from the taro root and it has a creamy, sweet, and nutty taste. Keep reading to find out more about where you can buy taro bubble tea and what toppings go well with it!

If you walk into a bubble tea shop, a purple or lilac colored drink may catch your eye. This purple drink is taro bubble tea, which is one of the most popular bubble tea flavors. If you’re new to taro bubble tea, we have the answers you’re looking for! Keep reading to learn the basics about taro bubble tea!

What is taro bubble tea?

Taro bubble tea has a creamy, sweet, almost nutty taste to it. A lot of bubble tea drinkers love taro because of its texture and vanilla flavor. Known for its pretty purple color, Taro bubble tea is a go-to drink for many bubble tea lovers. And it’s the perfect drink to post on social media! Fun fact: taro bubble tea doesn’t contain actual tea, which makes it a perfect caffeine-free bubble tea order!

Taro Cubes

What is taro bubble tea made of?

Taro bubble tea comes from the taro root or taro root powder, which is the root vegetable of the Aracae plant. People believe that Taro is one of Earth’s oldest crops and it has a similar texture to that of a potato.

Taro is also a popular ingredient in many Taiwanese desserts, which is why it is a perfect flavor for bubble tea!

What does taro bubble tea taste like?

Taro is one of the more unique flavors you can experience from a bubble tea shop. There are two different types of taro bubble tea: fresh taro and pre-made taro.

People have described fresh taro as having a light, nutty taste. Whereas pre-made taro has a sweet, vanilla flavor. Many bubble tea shops use fresh taro, you’ll know because it will have a more grainy texture! In general, imagine a nutty, vanilla taste. That’s what taro milk tea tastes like.

If that’s too hard to imagine, some people describe taro bubble tea as tasting like the milk leftover in your bowl after eating Froot Loops.

Where can you buy taro bubble tea?

Taro milk tea is one of the most popular bubble tea flavors so most, if not all, bubble tea shops have taro milk tea as an option. Taro also comes in the form of smoothies if you aren’t in the mood for a milk tea!

Delicious taro tea can sometimes be expensive and hard to get a hold of. If you don't have time to go buy it at a shop, try a taro mix! Pearly has an instant taro mix that can be prepared in under 3 minutes!

Pearly Taro Bubble Tea Mix

What toppings go well with taro bubble tea?

One of the great things about taro-flavored bubble tea is that it goes well with a variety of toppings! Taro goes great with popular toppings like tapioca pearls, crystal boba, coconut jelly, grass jelly, and pudding. But, it also tastes great with toppings like sago, red beans, and aloe vera!

Go try it!

Taro is definitely a bubble tea flavor that you have to try at some point in your life. There really isn’t any other flavor like it!

If you’re a diehard taro fan, why not stock up with some of Pearly’s at-home taro milk tea? You can buy taro milk tea kits in packs of 6 to make sure you always have taro on hand. If you aren’t a fan of taro, don’t worry Pearly has 4 other amazing bubble tea flavors for you to try! Click here to check out their flavors!