When is National Boba Tea Day?

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Jul 05, 2022

National Boba Tea Day

TLDR: National boba tea day is April 30th!

Looking for an excuse to enjoy your favorite drink with your friends? Here it is! National Boba Tea Day!

When did National Boba Tea Day start?

The first National Boba Tea Day took place on Monday, April 30, 2018. Kung Fu Tea (a bubble tea chain from New York City) created the holiday as a fun way to promote bubble tea in America.

How to celebrate the holiday

Here's a list of fun ways to enjoy National Bubble Tea Day

  1. Go to a boba shop with friends and try a new flavor or topping
  2. Order a DIY Bubble Tea Kit from brands like Pearly and make your own instant boba at home
  3. Leave a positive review on one of your local boba shops' Google maps listing
  4. Make your own bubble tea from scratch (click here for a fun instant pot recipe)
  5. Watch a bubble tea related youtube video like this one
  6. Send a friend a bubble tea via UberEats

Skip the lineups with instant boba

Waiting in line at a shop or for your UberEats order to arrive on April 30th may take a while. Why not try an instant bubble tea kit? You can prepare them in under 3 minutes and they taste as good as store-bought boba. You can learn more about instant boba kits here.

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