Top 20 Boba Gifts for the Boba Tea Lover

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Nov 27, 2023

Top 20 Boba Gifts

Looking for a gift for a boba-obsessed friend? Or perhaps for a significant other? We've got you covered! We put together a list of the top gifts for boba lovers, curated by our team at Pearly (boba tea is kind of our job šŸ˜‰).

Pearly Boba Tea Kit

1. Pearly Boba Tea Kit

Quick | Unique | Memorable

Make bubble tea without having to leave the house! This easy to use kit allows your recipient to prepare boba at home in under 3 minutes. It can come with toppings, various flavors, accessories and more!

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AirPods Pro Boba case

2. A Boba Tea Airpods Pro Case

CuteĀ |Ā Shock ResistantĀ | Silicone

Take care of your precious Airpods pro with this super cute case.Ā Don't worry, they also have a regular Airpods case on their site.

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Reusable Boba Tea Cup

3. Reusable Boba Tea Cup

Environmentally Friendly | Memorable

Your friend can take this to their local boba shop and ask the barista to fill it, or use it at home to make DIY boba tea!

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Boba Tea Soap

4. Boba Tea Soap

Hit or Miss | Cute | Fun

Because who doesn't want their hands smelling like boba?

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Boba Tea Plush

5. Boba Tea Plush

Cute | Fun | Memorable

Boba plush toys are adorable and make a great gift for anyone who already has a collection of plushies.

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Boba Tea Keychain

6. Boba Tea Keychain

Cute | Gets dirty easily

Bring boba with you everywhere with these little keychains! Can be clipped to keys or to a bag.

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Boba Tea Slide Slippers

7. Boba Tea Slide Slippers

Cozy | Cute | Funny

Give your friend the gift of warmth with these cozy slippers.

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Boba Tea-Themed Shirts

8. Boba Tea-Themed Shirts

Lots of options | Memorable

Boba tea-shirts! Perfect for the boba lover who wants to show off their love of boba!

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Boba Tea Hat

9. Boba Tea Hat

Lots of options | Funny

T-shirts weren't enough? Or maybe they were a little bit too much? Gift them a boba-themed hat!

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Boba Tea Straws

10. Metal Boba Tea Straws

Convenient | Functional | Easy to clean

No more plastic straws! Perfect to bring along anytime you get boba! Also great when paired with DIY boba kits.

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Silicone Boba Tea Straw

11.Ā Silicone Tea Straw Set

Cute CaseĀ |Ā Portable | Silicone

These straws were too cute notĀ to include in our guide. IfĀ you're looking for something more portable instead of metal straws,Ā Boba Tribe hasĀ some of the best silicone straws around!

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Boba Tea Pillow

12. Boba Tea Pillow

Cute | Hit or Miss | Memorable

Boba decor is the best type of decor, right? Just make sure they have room to fit this in next to their boba plush.

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Boba Tea Diffuser

13. Boba Tea Diffuser

Unique | Refreshing | Frequent cleaning

Bring some peace and good vibes into their life! Too bad we couldn't find any boba diffuser scentsā€¦

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Boba Notepad/Book

14. Boba Notepad/Book

Functional | Cute

A cute way to start of their daily journaling.

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Boba Hoodie

15. Boba Hoodie

Memorable | Cute | Hit or Miss

If they live in a colder climate, give them this cute, cozy sweater to think of you anytime it gets cold!

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Boba Candle

16. Boba Candle

Unique | Hit or Miss | Scented

A boba tea scented candle?! Yes please! ļæ½

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Boba Gift Card (Kung Fu Tea)

17. Boba Gift Card (Kung Fu Tea)

Unique | Fun | Check for local shops

The perfect gift - free boba tea! If you really donā€™t know what to get your boba-obsessed friend, a gift card is always a safe way to go! Just make sure they live near the shop.

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Boba Stickers

18. Boba Stickers

Unique | Cute | Fun

We designed cute boba tea stickers to place on notebooks, laptops, lockers, etc.

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Boba Stationery

19. Boba Stationery

Cute | Functional | Unique

Perfect for the stationary-obsessed friend. Let them organize their set in this cute boba holder.

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Boba Tea Sleeve Carrier

20. Boba Tea Sleeve Carrier

Unique | Funny | Hit or Miss

Next time your recipient is getting boba to go, they won't need to ask for a bag. Do the planet and their outfit a favor with this boba sleeve carrier.

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You got this far in the list and still haven't picked anything? That's ok šŸ˜€Ā Here are a few other suggestions:

  • Take them out to their favorite shop on their birthday
  • Order them boba to arrive at their house atĀ 11 am on their birthday
  • Go to their house and make boba tea with them (you can use a simpleĀ DIY boba kit)