What is a bubble tea kit?

Written by a few bubble tea addicts, on Aug 20, 2022

What is a bubble tea kit

TLDR: Bubble tea kits include all the ingredients you need to make bubble tea at home. They are a fast, affordable, and fun way to enjoy bubble tea without leaving your house.

Bubble tea is a popular drink that originated in Taiwan. It's made by mixing milk or fruit juice with tea and adding tapioca pearls or 'boba' as a topping. It's become a hit in America, with bubble tea shops popping up all over. More recently, people have started to make their own bubble tea at home. If you're interested in trying out it, we suggest buying a bubble tea kit. It's a quick and easy way to prepare the drink without being an expert.

What is a bubble tea kit?

A bubble tea kit is a convenient way to make bubble tea at home. It generally comes with all the ingredients you need to make a perfect cup of bubble tea ‚ÄĒincluding everything from teas and syrups to tapioca pearls. Kits can also be a great gift idea for your friends or family who love this delicious drink!

What comes in a bubble tea kit?

There are many different bubble tea kits available. A basic bubble tea kit will have all the ingredients needed for making bubble tea including the tea, toppings, and additional flavoring (syrup, creamers, etc.). Some of these kits will also come with accessories (straws, cups, etc.) or extra toppings which we'll cover below.

What comes in a boba tea kit?
Making bubble tea is easier than you think!

As you explore buying your first bubble tea kit, there are three major differences you'll find: flavor, prep time, and price. We've found that when purchasing cheaper bubble tea kits, you can generally expect longer prep times (up to one hour) and a worse flavor experience.

If you want to replicate the flavor of your local bubble tea shop, and not spend too much time preparing your drink, go for the more premium options. No need to worry, the price of the more premium kits is generally still 30-40% cheaper than what you would pay at a shop!

We encourage you to try multiple bubble tea kit brands, as each one comes with its own unique recipe, set of ingredients, accessories, and more.

Are bubble tea accessories included?

Some bubble tea kits will come with additional accessories such as cups, straws, stirring spoons, and more. Make sure to check if your kit comes with these before you make your purchase.

Ideally, a brand would allow you to buy accessories from their store if they aren't already included in the kit. In case you're not sure what accessories you'll need, here is a list of the best ones for making bubble tea at home:

  • Cup (glass cup or plastic tumbler)
  • Bubble Tea Straws
  • Tall Stirring Spoons
  • Optional: Ice Molds
  • Optional: Milk Frother
  • Optional: Cocktail Shaker Cup Addon
Bubble Tea Straws
Pearly Reusable Bubble Tea Straws

How much do bubble tea kits cost?

The price of a bubble tea kit varies by brand. We've researched some of the most popular American brands and have found the following prices:

  • Instant bubble tea (ready in 3-5 minutes): $3-5 per drink
  • Semi-instant bubble tea (ready in 30min-1hour): $2-4 per drink

There are a few benefits to buying a bubble tea kit instead of purchasing all the ingredients individually. First, you'll have access to all of the correct ingredients at a cheaper bundled price. Next, the toppings in your kit are pre-selected to perfectly match the flavor of your drink. And lastly, any accessories it comes with will work well with the recipes and ingredients included.

What flavors do bubble tea kits come with?

Bubble tea kits come in a variety of flavors. While the selection is smaller than you'd find at your local bubble tea shop, you will still have access to all of the classic and popular flavors. The common flavors we encourage you to try if it's your first time are:

  • Original Milk Tea
  • Taro Milk Tea
  • Passionfruit Tea
  • Thai Milk Tea
  • Matcha Milk Tea
Bubble Tea Kit Flavors
Pearly Boba Tea Kit Flavors

There are plenty of other flavors to choose from out there. Don't be afraid to experiment! You'll even find some bubble tea kit brands offer starter kits that give you everything you need to get started (ingredients, cups, straws, etc.).

Can I customize a bubble tea starter kit?

Depending on the brand, you may be able to customize your starter kit. For example, some brands will allow you to pick how much of each flavor of tea you'd like and/or have accessories available that can be added to your order.

You might also be able to add additional toppings or flavoring ingredients for your drinks (like tapioca pearls or syrups). If it's your first time buying a kit, we don't suggest customizing it too much. Instead, go with the most popular or suggested kit from the brand.

Where can I buy a bubble tea kit?

Bubble tea kits can be purchased online and in physical retail shops. The most popular place to buy bubble tea kits is online directly from bubble tea brands (like Pearly). We suggest checking out our guide to the best boba tea kit brands which will help you decide which online shop to buy from. Some boba tea kit options are also available on Amazon and Etsy.

Tealise Boba Tea Kit
Tealise Boba Tea Kit

If you're looking to buy a kit in person, there are a few options to choose from. If there's an Asian supermarket or grocery store near you, they likely offer a selection of bubble tea kits or ingredients for bubble tea.

While less common, some major retailers (like Costco) have started offering bubble tea kits as well. As a rule of thumb, you'll generally find better quality kits online or from Asian supermarkets, as large retailers are still pretty new to the scene.